Ferrum – A proposal for a faculty Holocaust research project by Ferrum College’s Associate Professor of English Melvin Macklin received a $30,000 professional development grant from Appalachian College Association.

His project, Jewish Children Survivors of the Holocaust: Devastation, Re-humanization, and Recovery, will gather research on Jewish children who suffered the hostility of the Nazi war on East European Jews, and compile that research into a textbook for secondary education and college freshmen students. Students will then explore the ways these children became unwilling victims of terrible acts but still managed to live fulfilled and successful lives.

“It will explicate how campaigns of human aggression affected youth survivors both physically and mentally,” said Macklin, who has been co-teaching Holocaust courses at Ferrum College for the past decade.

The idea for his project bloomed from what Macklin sees as a need for more educational works tailored to secondary education and college freshmen on the re-humanization and recovery of Jewish children victims. Macklin will conduct his research at the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at…

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