In other business:

  • Two bids were opened and read for a mass grading project at the Sportsplex property off Brush Road. Six bids were originally in the running but four of them dropped out. Local contractor Lynch Construction came in at $3,255,411 for the project, and the bid from Kanawha Stone, Inc. of Charleston was $1,530,922. The two bids clearly show a vast cost difference, which Stafford Engineering will have to break down and review before the county can approve the job.
  • Board of Education member David McClure presented a letter of agreement and the deed of a property at Maxwelton, which was approved for purchase by the county commission in December 2018. The commission’s initials to the letter completed the transfer of ownership to approve the cutting of a check for $240,000 for the approximately three-acre lot and structure. Commissioner Rose described the property as a valuable asset for various county agencies’ use. Portions could be used as storage for confiscated vehicles and file storage in a vault room. The 911 Center and the Sheriff ‘s Department will have access to a…

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