Submitted photo
Dwayne Gill, left, and his son Tyler.

One of the best compliments that a visitor can give a city is to praise its hospitality. The Salem community recently took “southern hospitality” to another level. Despite it happening in the spring, Tyler Gill remembers the kind gesture like it was yesterday.

Gill, an active member in the Navy, was in route to his first duty station when he started having transmission issues with his car on the interstate near Salem. The first thing he did was call his father, Dwayne, a Navy Veteran.

“The most important thing was to get him and the car off the road. I had AAA, so I gave them a call only to find out they only tow three miles under my coverage. So, we started searching for local tow companies instead,” said Dwayne. “I was recommended to BNB Transmission in Salem, and they towed my son’s car in no time. They had a week’s worth of work in front of them, but after Tyler explained his situation, they decided to make him a priority.”

As all of this was happening, Dwayne was looking at local hotels and car rentals. He also couldn’t help but think of how much the bill was going to be. Dwayne thought the final cost…

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