Richfield Living photo
The Jane Morgan Harris Chapel on the grounds of Richfield Living was demolished June 20 to make way for new residential and nursing areas.

Chapel demolished; last service Feb. 17

Weddings, funerals, parties and celebrations of 100-year-old residents. A place that made a difference in people’s lives. For almost 40 years, hundreds of meaningful events were held in the Jane Morgan Harris Chapel on the Richfield Living Campus.

That ended Sunday, Feb. 17, when the last service was held in the chapel. It was torn down last week, on June 20, to make way for a new skilled and long-term care building that replaces the current Recovery and Care Center.

This marks the first phase of construction as Richfield grows to offer new independent living options and a town center that will include multiple dining options, a new wellness center, and spa services.

George Child, President and Chief Executive Officer, noted that “Our chaplaincy program has a distinguished past and we look forward to honoring that history while creating an exciting new place for worship in our town center.”

The final service in the chapel was followed by an old-fashioned potluck lunch provided…

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