Cathy Fisher (left) and Barbara Grisham star in the Star City Playhouse production of “Crystal Gazer,” a one-act comedy opening on June 28. The plot involves a missing poodle (or fiancé) and an unscrupulous soothsayer.
Katerina Yancey (left) and Latriva Pierce are featured in the one-act comedy “Backward Child,” the second of two plays opening at Star City on June 28, about an impudent child who likes to put governesses to flight.

The Fergusons have unearthed two more one-act comedy gems with “Crystal Gazer” by Leopold Montague and “Backward Child” by Childe Pemberton. The plays are from a collection compiled in 1906— forerunners of both vaudeville and sit-coms such as “I Love Lucy.”

“Crystal Gazer” is the story of a soothsayer sought out by a woman trying to locate her fiancé.  Barbara Grisham plays the role of Miss Bessie Blank; Cathy Fisher is “Madame La Sorciere.”

As the play opens, Madame enters with a stack of letters from those anxious to know their future. She claims to “know as much about the future as anyone else,” and has found her profession to be fairly lucrative, preying upon the gullible. One secret to her…

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