Kelsey Anderson stands with owner Clay Elkins at the counter of The Local Cafe and Grocer.

Owner Clay Elkins says that so far, “Business has been very good, It’s been a consistent and steady flow over the past few days.”

Situated in Montwell Commons beside Hill and Holler, The Local is a centrally-located staple to Lewisburg residents. Main team members include Elkins chef Todd Wagner, and supervisor Jacob Maki.

The cafe portion is open five days a week and serves healthy and locally-sourced meals. They use only organic produce and all-natural deli meats and cheeses, and exclude all nitrates, growth hormones, and antibiotics.

The Local offers a large variety of food, drinks, and more; come browse and see for yourself!

The grocer side offers nearly everything under the sun, and is conveniently open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. With a variety of wines, honey, vinegar, salsa, jerky, coffee, ice cream, breads, fresh produce, meats, and more for shoppers to choose from.

“One of our goals was to make it easier for people to eat locally and healthily,” said Elkins. “I want to make it more readily available. If you increase the demand for products, the…

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