The following land transfers were recorded in the Botetourt County Courthouse in May. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

  • Appalachia Coal Sales Co. to James W. Smith, parcels, $500,000
  • Baldwin Rentals to Blissful, LLC, part of lot, Daleville Farms, $251,300
  • George W. Bandy Jr. to Alexander W. Johansen,, 2 acres, $195,000
  • Barry C. Compton Inc. to Jean M. Ellis, 1.14 acres, $153,950
  • Carl H. Benson III to Ethan J. Mason, 25.423 acres, $365,000
  • Michael J Bergeron to P. Jason Bergeron, 0.354 acre, gift deed
  • Michael J. Bergeron to Liviu V. Tudoroiu, 9.354 acres, $230,000
  • Board of Missions and Church to Jon Scarborough, 1.723 acres, $13,000
  • Gregory D. Brown to William D. Bryant, 1.213 acres, $153,000
  • Linda T. Carraway to John Fletcher, lot, Troutville Townhouses, $169,950
  • Lance J. Clark to Kelsey B. Gould, 2.286 acres, $173,000
  • Richard Clark to Bradley W. Simmons, 5.773 acres, $283,000
  • Ana M. Clarke to Cloverdale Oak Farm, 20.106 acres, $0
  • Cynthia S. Clayton, Adm., to Diane Dewhurst, 1.817 acres, $305,000
  • Robert G. Cockrell to Johnson X. Miles, lot, Hollymeade, $79,000
  • Darren M. Colvin to Philip E. Prescott, lot,…

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