Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Roanoke County teen Brianna Hodges trying to contain her enthusiasm after K-92’s Zack Jackson announces that she just won a new car.
Shawn Nowlin

School is almost over for high school students, which means that roads are about to be full of even more teen drivers. Local educators like Dee Sheffer are always willing to help teenagers become more comfortable behind the wheel and provide answers to any questions that they may have.

“I have learned that the best teen drivers become educated about safe driving and make it their focus. They do not take risks. They wear their seatbelts and insist that their passengers do the same,” Sheffer, a former English teacher at Lord Botetourt High, said. “They also follow the speed limits and do not let phones or other distractions take their attention from the road.”

K-92’s Freddy Mac calling a teenager on stage.

The After Prom Grand Finale takes place at the end of every school year. The annual event celebrates high school juniors and seniors who make the smart choice to stay alcohol and drug-free on prom night by staying until the end of their school’s…

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