Kingsford relies on sawdust to be mixed in proper ratios to form their famous charcoal briquettes

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

By now, most have heard the closing of Verso Corporations Luke Mill located in Western Md., which has been in business since 1888.  Not only does this result in nearly 700 jobs lost at that facility, but the effects trickle back to several other businesses across our state and others.  The company originally wasn’t scheduled to close their doors until the end of June; however that date changed and doors closed on May 31.

The Verso Corporation is responsible for producing approximately 450,000 tons of paper per year, including graphic papers, packaging, pulp, and more.  It is not surprising with the fast growth of technology that the need for some of their products has steadily declined, however they play a much larger role than that to other businesses in our county.

Fortunately, a Hinchcliff Lumber Company spokesperson…

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