Glenville State College Board of Governors Chair Greg Smith (left) with 2019 Student Leadership Award Recipient Jacob Bullard (right).

“The Glenville State College community is very proud of Jake for his actions during his student internship,” said John Beckvold, GSC Vice President for Business and Operations. “Were Mr. Bullard a full-time officer of the law when this happened, he would likely have received a commendation from his department for saving a life. We felt it only appropriate that, as a graduating senior, we present him with the highest recognition the College can bestow upon a student, the Student Leadership Award. His professors in the Department of Criminal Justice will no doubt be following his progress as he begins his professional career, and we all know it will be one of distinction.”

“I was surprised to have received the award,” said Bullard. “It means a lot to me to be recognized by the College in this way. I had received some things from the Department of Criminal Justice a few days prior, so to be recognized at graduation was very humbling because there are other students who are just as deserving of the award.”

Bullard received a challenge coin from the…

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