By Debbie Hall

The fact that the Patrick County School Board is seeking a firm to help with the search for a superintendent is not a new concept.

“School boards before us always did this,” Walter Scott said. He added that past boards primarily used the Virginia Association of School Superintendents or VASS.

Scott, who represents the Smith River District, and other board members will meet two or three times in the coming weeks to interview different firms before settling on one.

Brandon Simmons, chairman, said public input in the process will be solicited via a survey as well as other avenues.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for public involvement,” Simmons said, and explained a firm will vet potential superintendent candidates, conduct background checks and take other factors into account to “find the right fit.”

The firm also will conduct preliminary interviews to narrow the field of candidates down to between three and five, Simmons said. The school board then will use that slate of candidates to make a final decision and fill the position that will be vacated by Dr. William Sroufe on June 30.

Sroufe will take over the helm of the…

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