By Angela Jones

A Patrick native with ambition to see things change for the better is seeking the Blue Ridge District seat for Patrick County Public Schools.

Shannon Harrell, who was born and raised in the Meadows of Dan area, said she decided to run when “I heard that the school district was considering outsourcing our bus drivers and possibly consolidating schools.”

Harrell said that she understood that Patrick County “has a budget and that some cuts may need to be made,” however the jobs in the area need to remain. “Working together for the benefit of our children, they are the future of tomorrow. I believe a strong education system ensures prosperity of our students and for our community. Small class sizes are crucial for a quality education. I want to help the board find creative ways to cut spending and ensure smaller teacher-student ratios, without cutting jobs,” she added.

For those positive changes to be made, Harrell said “more honest communication between the Board of Supervisors and the school board are needed; faculty and staff; and more public knowledge.” Communication can be done by using local and social media to full extent, she…

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