George Blume, an American Legion member for 75 years has been instrumental in the success of the Boy’s and Girl’s State leadership program.

The American Legion motto is “Still Serving” and, this year, the organization has been supporting veterans for a century. George Blume of Blacksburg has been serving with the American Legion for 75 of those years. Earlier this month, he was received a plaque in recognition of his work especially promoting Boy’s and Girl’s State of the American Legion, the week-long leadership program for outstanding high school seniors.

“He is a hero of Boy’s State,” they said at the American Legion dinner, “and has set an example for boys who have come through.

“One person can’t do it,” Blume said accepting the plaque. “If you listen to these men and women, it’s a beautiful program. I went to boy’s state too. That was…well,…after Adam and Eve anyway.”

Everyone laughed and shook his hand to thank him for his service.

—- Staff Reports

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