By Sarah Richardson

The West Virginia Department of Education has released the West Virginia’s Voice Education Reform report, which captures public input of more than 20,000 West Virginians to help inform the special legislative session. Representatives listened to opinions from around the state, including in Greenbrier County, at town hall forum meetings where teachers, students, and citizens were able to discuss their personal experiences with the education system in the state and give their thoughts.

The document states, ”It is apparent more needs to be done to address the consequences of poverty and the opioid crisis on West Virginia’s children. Public schools carry much of the burden created by abuse, neglect and household dysfunction. As a result, school staffs need additional resources ranging from increased personnel and mental health services, to support students and faculty impacted by the toxic stress they encounter daily. Progress moving forward will be significantly impeded if this crisis is not aggressively addressed.”

This echoes a large majority of the statements presented by the public in Greenbrier County from a local town hall…

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