Woody Williams giving the speech. Allen Hamrick photo.
It was an old time parade. Allen Hamrick photo.

With Memorial Day soon upon us, it is important to remember those that have come and gone throughout the ages that played an important part in writing our history.  Some of the history associated with this country has been debated heavily in classrooms and on front porches for generations – events that happened at a particular time or place or different perspectives of an event.  From the Revolutionary War to the present, it’s all relevant. However, when one debates an issue they are often left with a topic that often can only be proven through documents and books.  Right now in this country there are very few eyewitness accounts of WWII remaining.  There are very few survivors from that period of time, and when they are gone, so is the first hand information or their individual accounts.  Some might say, “Who cares? That’s in the past.” Well, there are a few of those men and women left in this county, you can probably count them easily, that lived those days.  If, in fact, each person on this Earth had to endure the hardships of a nation under fire, attitudes towards those that…

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