Aerial shot of the commencement ceremony.

A first happened in the school’s 177-year history last Saturday – three science majors in Cody Dillon-Owens, William Lambert and Matthew Johnson each earned the honor of valedictorian. Biology major Natalie Logan Cox, physics major David Biagio and psychology major Noelle Annette Warfford earned salutatorian honors.

“Our diplomas are not the trophy at the end of the race,” said Johnson who will attend Harvard Medical School in the fall. “They are our running bibs that direct us to the starting line, just as our education was not the contest, but merely the training for the challenges we will soon face. Get ready to run.”

Said Dillon-Owens, who plans on continuing his education at UNC-Charlotte for his Ph.D. in health psychology, “I know that I still have many battles along the way. Next year, I’m going to have to counsel my fellow students at UNC-C about why they shouldn’t be afraid to go to class every day. But I’m one step closer to becoming the person that they deserve because of the beautiful examples that have been given to me.”

A Staunton native, Lambert will attend Virginia Tech for his…

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