Mayor Travis Copenhaver (left), Rick Burns, and Charles Lobban pay close attention to the explanation by Dereck Johnson from the Thrasher Group as Jonathan Carpenter and David Altizer look on.

David Altizer, Project Manager, was assisted by Jonathan Carpenter and Derek Johnson as they led Mayor Travis Copenhaver and Council Member Charles Lobban through the options.  The most important part of the process would be to move the critical pieces of the water plant out of the flood plain.  While several parts of the plant are not affected by being surrounded by flood waters, the electronic systems and controls are very much in danger.  Replacement of defective Clow pipe, installed decades ago, and a new water tank in Monroe County are also under consideration.

Four alternate water line extensions were presented with the most likely adding over 100 customers and extending through Glen Ray as far as Riverside Rest.  All of this work is dependent on grant funding to make it affordable for a small town and sources such as the Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund; the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council; and the USDA…

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