The Stuart Farmer’s Market has become a gathering place for the community as well as a shopping venue for local residents and those from adjoining areas. (Photo by Jaymie Mordue)

By Jaymie Mordue

The Stuart Farmer’s Market, located at 320 Chestnut in Stuart, will open for the season on May 3.

Glen and Gwendolyn Nergart, Sparks Family Farm, Sally Wobler, Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, Henry’s Fresh Roast Coffee, Soap N’ Unique, Joy Lavender, Deep Creek Farms, and KP Hill Farm with early season items will be among the participating vendors.

Each year more people have shown interest in vending, said organizer, Rebecca Adcock. She added that for a small market, the selection is large, including cheese, coffee, tea, meats, eggs, baked items, crafts and veggies.

“Our bylaws are written that we can’t have more than 20 percent of the market to be craft vendors. That is in place because other farmers markets have been crowded out by crafter’s and we want to maintain a place for produce growers,” she said.

Behind the scenes, tasks are underway in preparation for new market season.

In February, a meeting is held to discuss where vendors will set up as…

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