Calling themselves Race Matters in Education, Wadsworth said a local group of concerned citizens began gathering in Feb. of 2018 after a conference at New River Community and Technical College was held to talk about an incident that occurred at Eastern Greenbrier Middle School. The situation arose when a white student called a student of color a racial slur. Her teacher advised her to “get over it.” Her response was to strike the boy, and for that she was given five days out of school. The other student was given only three days out.

Wadsworth said the African American family left the county after the incident, stating they did not feel safe to remain in the area.

“This is happening all over the state,” she said. When parents advocate on behalf of their children, those kids are “targeted” by the staff. They are “watched and called in for questioning,” she said. “The Board of Education claims, ‘There is no racism in the schools,’ but what is happening daily at the schools does not bear that sentiment out.”

As reported in the West Virginia Daily News, the Tuesday evening Board of Education meeting heard “a pressing matter faced by families of color in Greenbrier County,” presented by Race Matters in Education members Loretta Young…

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