Marty Gordon

The finance director for the town of Christiansburg, Valerie Tweedie, is recommending no new tax increase for the upcoming fiscal year. Tweedie presented a draft budget to council on Tuesday night that would not change the town’s current tax rate of 16 cents per $100. The total budget would be $28.723 million.

Pie chart of Town of Christiansburg proposed budget.

Tweedie said the town’s water rate would increase by $1 per 1,000 gallons. There would be no increase in sewer rates, but a slight rise would be required on building permit and planning review fees from $40 to $50.

We have forecast existing revenue streams to increase 3.6 percent overall for the general fund and operating expenditures for the general fund to increase of 4.7 percent,” her report said. “The increase is due primarily to increases in salary and wages for operations.”

The draft budget includes a one percent merit pool for full-time town employees and a two percent cost of living increase. Requests were made for three new staff: a network administrator, a property maintenance staffer and a radio technician.

Also, no new debt is currently proposed for this year.

Nearly $19.6 million is included in the draft for capital construction projects with $7.9 million offsetting that amount from grant money and another $1.2 million from stormwater fees. The remainder of the amount, according to Tweedie’s draft budget, is supported by town funds and/or revenues from…

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