By Debbie Hall

The Patrick County Board of Supervisors on Monday deferred discussion of the proposed Fiscal Year 2019-20 budget until after they have more answers from the office of the state Auditor of Public Accounts.

Rickie Fulcher, chairman, said the budget committee held a conference call with Rachel Reamy, Local Government Auditor, and others in her office, to determine the impact of the governor’s proposed budget, “particularly the impact on our county.”

Reamy and another staff member held a follow-up conference call with county staff on April 4, and provided additional resources and contacts within the state Department of Education’s main budget office “that can hopefully clear up the confusion relative to the school board’s budget request including the proposed 5 percent pay raises and the local match if any that is required by the county,” Fulcher said.

“I’d rather wait until we have actual facts and the actual” amount of the county’s required match for the school system, Fulcher said. “We need that before we can make logical decisions.”

In the interim, “the budget committee is following up with that information” and…

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