By Staff Reports

A group that honors deceased veterans is seeking donations to help continue its mission.

The Patrick County veterans Memorial Honor Guard serves families in their darkest hours by providing military rites at funerals/memorial services, said Richard Cox, treasurer of the organization.

The services it provides are offered at no cost to the veteran’s family.

Since the Honor Guard’s inception in the 1990s, it “has had the privilege and honor to conduct the military rites for more than 1,000 deceased veterans” and their families, Cox said.

While members are required to furnish their own slacks, jackets and shoes, Cox said the group provides caps, ties and other necessities to members.

“It’s hard to put a cost on” what the group provides, he said, adding that members generally devote two to four hours per ceremony and also bear a portion of the travel costs.

He estimated the group operates on a shoestring budget of about $7,000 per year.

Several members are needed for each ceremony, he said of flag bearers/rifle squad, a chaplain, a bugler and members to fold and present the flag to the family.

The Honor Guard also provides a clear…

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