By Aila Boyd

Members of Friends of Greenfield Preston Plantation and Keith Adams, an archeologist with Hurt & Proffitt, visited Greenfield Elementary School Friday morning to install a display case with artifacts that were discovered around the former Greenfield Plantation site.

Over 400 students will now be able to learn about local history when they walk past the display case to and from class.

It’s a pretty interesting site,” Adams said of Greenfield.

All of the items that were placed in the display case came from the earlier small structure that is believed to have been present on the property when Col. William Preston acquired the land.

The fact that the subfloor pit (slave storage pit) cut through a brick firebox indicates that the short-lived structure had at least two uses, ending its life a slave cabin,” Adams explained.

Most of the ceramics included in the display were imported, contrasting with hand wrought metals.

There’s a lot to be said about the variety, quality, and expensive nature of many of these imports for life on the frontier in the…

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