The Patrick County Sheriff’s Office reported the following:

Judy Ann Burnette, 53, of Mount Airy, N.C., was charged April 3 with assault and battery. Deputy J.D. Hubbard made the arrest.

Earl Coy Joyce, 55, of Patrick Springs, was charged April 4 with one count each of petty larceny and profane swearing/public intoxication. Deputy C.L. Elgin made the arrest.

William Harvey Holt, 62, of Claudville, was charged on April 4 with Schedule IV: sell/give/distribute. Sgt. L.E. Cassady made the arrest.

George Ray Burgart, 47, of Bassett, was charged April 5 with possess marijuana, second or subsequent offense. Deputy C. Gilbert made the arrest.

Amber Nicole Yates, 28, of Stuart, was charged March 19 with violate protective order. Trooper J.N. Mabe made the arrest.

Eric William Walker, 22, of Stuart, was charged March 20 with profane swearing or public intoxication. Deputy Lewis K. Carroll Jr. made the arrest.

Israel David Branch, 40, of Patrick Springs, was charged March 20 with drive motor vehicle with license revoked/suspended, third or subsequent offense. Deputy M.T. Rorrer made the arrest.

Bradley Ryan Kendrick, 31, of Stuart, was charged March 20 with profane…

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