By Suzanne Stewart for the Pocahontas Times

(S. Stewart photo)At Appalachian Extracts in White Sulphur Springs, owners Josh Ludgate, pictured, and Duane Zobrist create tinctures and balms using CBD oil extracted from hemp plants. The plants are grown and heavily monitored in the lab and once they are ready, they are ground into biomass, shown below, which is then taken through a process which extracts the CBD oil to make the final product.

Despite the negative connotations, cannabis has many positive uses including relief from pain and anxiety and much more.

As more states legalize the use of cannabis – recreationally or medicinally – several by-products also enter the market.

One that seems to be popping up everywhere now is CBD oil – or cannabidiol – which is derived from the hemp plant. Unlike the marijuana plant – which contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the high-inducing ingredient – hemp has faint-to-no-trace of THC.

At Appalachian Extracts in White Sulphur Springs, owners Josh Ludgate and Duane Zobrist cultivate hemp plants and create their own line of CBD products. The partners and their employees at the facility study the plants…

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