By Aila Boyd

William Stowell, a graduate of James River High School, is running for sheriff of Botetourt County as an independent candidate.

William Stowell
Photo by Aila Boyd

After reviewing the policy proposals of the three other candidates, he said he made the decision to throw his hat into the ring.

“If they had a good idea between the three of them, I wouldn’t run,” he said.

He explained that he subscribes to the idea of meritocracy, which dictates that power should be awarded based on achievement and ability.

“The old system isn’t working,” he said. “It’s time for something new.”

Stowell explained that he’s doing his due diligence by reading crime reports, budget reports, governmental studies, and books that he thinks will be helpful for the campaign. He even has files on the other candidates.

“I’m approaching it the way an academic would,” he said of his campaign.

Stowell openly acknowledges that he’s somewhat of an outsider in the sheriff’s race. A former member of the Air Force and a military police officer, he struggled with alcoholism for many years—even receiving three DUIs.

The DUIs…

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