Liz Kirchner

Deeply concerned by hotter, longer summers in the NRV and disturbances, like deforestation, that are causing global climate-change, a Virginia Tech graduate, Ibrahim Mohamed, 22, has organized The Big Plant, an ambitious effort that aims to plant up to 4000-5000 trees in two days on the Tech campus and in Ellett Valley.

Photo by Ann Beverley Prideaux
Young people planted hundreds of trees along Stroubles Creek on Virginia Tech campus in the last few years. With help from that effort, to combat climate change, The Big Plant hopes to plant 4000 trees along Stroubles and on a farm in Ellett Valley March 30-31.

Sign-in starts at 10:30 a.m. on March 30 on the Drillfield of VT campus.

Groups will plant at Stroubles Creek and the Paris Mountain Farm (2612 Catawba Rd.), both in Blacksburg.

The two sites offer different planting experiences to people of all ages and skill levels and tools will be supplied.

“Two thousand black willow cuttings will be planted along Strouble’s Creek near Foxridge Apartments. That site is accessible by BT Transit. The Strouble’s Creek site is a good for freshman, people walking from town and people with kids. The planting there is easy. It doesn’t need shovels.”

At the Strouble’s site, black willow cuttings are just stabbed into the stream banks where they will take root in moist soil.

The Paris Farm in Ellet Valley is a fifteen-minute drive from campus. Mohamed recommends carpooling and the pre-registration…

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