By Aila Boyd

Ten cyclists from Maryville College, a Presbyterian affiliated liberal arts college in Tennessee, made their way through Buchanan over the weekend as part of the college’s “Bicentennial Bike Trip,” which followed the trail that the Rev. Isaac Anderson, founder of Maryville College, made in 1801.

The 330-mile trip started in Rockbridge County and will end this Friday in Knox County, Tenn. The journey started last Friday when cyclists, who are current students and alumni, drove from the college to their starting point in Fairfield.

Anderson made the journey with his extended family when he was 21 years old in what was a caravan of cattle and wagons. At the time of his arrival, the state of Tennessee was only five years old. Later, in 1819, he founded Maryville College.

The cyclists arrived in Buchanan last Saturday and departed the following morning. During their stay, they were hosted by Buchanan Presbyterian Church and were even treated to a showing at the historic Buchanan Theatre.

Emily Guillaume, a graduate of Maryville, noted that before the trip, the…

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