By Aila Boyd

Botetourt County Public Schools held a budget work session last Wednesday to iron out further details about the budget that it will ultimately submit to the Board of Supervisors.

Discussion centered around salary corrections and salary scale increases for teachers, something that has been a difficult issue to address ever since the 2007/2008 financial crisis.

School Superintendent John Busher updated members with figures pertaining to state revenue for the upcoming fiscal year. In FY 2018-2019, state revenue for the school division was $25,506,362. In FY 2019-2020, state revenue received by the division will be $26,429,322, which means that there will be an increase of $922,960.

Currently, the school division is looking at a $609,528 proposed personnel budget deficit. It will cost an estimated $2,074,139 to continue step increases across the board, provide one correction step for eligible employees, adjust the salary scale by 2 percent, in addition to a 7 percent insurance cost increase.

The breakdown for each of the items listed above is as follows:

  • $971,480 to continue step increases across the board
  • $111,804 to…

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