Betty Nestor, of Parsons, attempted  to pull into a parking space at McDonald’s, lost control of her vehicle, driving over top the concrete barrier between McDonald’s and BFS.  Nestor’s vehicle collided with a worker, who was pouring fresh concrete, causing the vehicle to drive over top his leg, penning him underneath the vehicle and becoming stuck in the freshly poured concrete.  Upon Corp. J.E. Kopec’s arrival Ms. Nestor was still sitting in her vehicle while Tucker EMS was rendering aid to the worker, Dennis O’Rourke.  O’Rourke denied medical treatment stating to Corp. J.E. Kopec that he had two more pours of concrete to do and went back to work.   It appears that due to the concrete being freshly poured O’Rourke was not seriously injured.  Work was haulted for approximately 20 minutes while a skid steer pulled Nestor’s vehicle from the concrete.

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