(Photo by Jenny Harnish/The Register-Herald)
Ronceverte history is a subject Doug Hylton was deeply conversant with. The Ronceverte Museum, a special project he established and curated, is open on Sundays and filled with Ronceverte memorabilia.

As a grant consultant for over 25 years, he was an expert, known for compiling thousands of grant proposals that generated millions of dollars, of which he was pretty proud to make available “to help our communities to meet their needs.” We will miss him for his expertise, but we will remember him for his friendship, vitality and generosity.

On Friday, Mar. 1, Doug succumbed to a sudden illness. He was 63 years old. At his funeral on Tuesday, Ronceverte council woman Kathy King said in her remarks of thanks that Doug had just finished the last part of a grant he was working on and got it submitted the day before he died. He did his best to make every day count by serving others, she said. (Hylton’s obituary can be found on page 7 of the Mountain Messenger.)

Pastor Stephen Baldwin, who officiated at the funeral at the Rhema Center in Fairlea, said, as a reflection of the expressed feelings of the many attending…

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