Virginia emerged as a winner in the fierce, nationwide competition to house a headquarters for Amazon. The Commonwealth stepped up with a standout higher education package, including a new Virginia Tech Innovation Campus in Alexandria, which will be located less than two miles from Amazon’s new location in Arlington.

However, how does that affect the Virginia Tech Blacksburg Campus?  This topic was discussed at the March Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues meeting on Thursday.

VT Associate Vice President for Innovation and Partnerships Dr. Brandy Salmon explained the winning proposal to 85 chamber attendees.

When Dr. Timothy Sands became VTs president, he refreshed thinking about VT’s service to the Commonwealth and developed ways to strengthen VTs presence in Northern Virginia or NoVA.  According to Salmon, VT is officially in 100 different areas of Virginia.  When Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, declared its intention to build a second headquarters, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership began collaborating to provide a proposal.

Salmon said, “VDEP facilitated this process with a purpose: to put the best foot forward from different parts of Virginia.”

To do this, VDEP looked at amenities, quality of life and, the key driver, talent.  While NoVa has the richest talent pool in the state, their region has 30,000 cybersecurity jobs still open. So, VDEP reached out to universities.  VT, as the fourth…

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