A press release issued by The Greenbrier states that the lawsuit is due to “the failure of the insurer group to act in good faith and to promptly and fairly pay the substantial losses incurred seriously impaired the operations of the Greenbrier Hotel and related entities.”

The claims were related to damages caused by the flooding of June 23, 2016, and included impacted properties such as The Greenbrier Sporting Club, the Oakhurst development, The Greenbrier golf course, the Old White TPC Course and the new Oakhurst Course. The flood also caused the cancelation of the 2016 Greenbrier Classic PGA TOUR tournament and resulted in financial losses to The Greenbrier properties and operations.

The press release states that the Justice family spent nearly three years attempting to resolve the insurance claims and receive compensation for the losses, and that The Greenbrier had been paying “substantial” insurance premiums to the various insurers.

“A significant infusion of capital from the Justice Family” was required to keep The Greenbrier operations functioning, says the press release.

The lawsuit states that The Greenbrier directed the Resort Hotel…

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