Rusty and Kimberly Hutson are leading by example with their recent gift to Fairmont State University. The couple, both Harrison County West Virginia natives, have committed $400,000 to establish the Rusty & Kimberly Hutson Family Endowed Scholarship for the benefit of School of Business students.

Both Mr. & Mrs. Hutson are graduates of Lincoln High School in Shinnston and Fairmont State University alumni.

A 1991 accounting graduate and certified public accountant, Mr. Hutson spent 13 years working in the banking industry in Ohio and Alabama. In 2001, Hutson founded and now serves as Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Gas & Oil, a company that began with the purchase of 40 wells in West Virginia and now operates throughout the Appalachian Basin.

Hutson returned to the campus of his alma mater earlier this year to speak and offer encouragement to students in Fairmont State’s School of Business while sharing his own success story.

Mrs. Hutson, a 1994 graduate of the nursing program at Fairmont State, worked as a registered nurse before they settled in Birmingham, Alabama in 1999. After the move, she became a full-time mother to the couple’s four children.  She serves as a mentor and example to many young mothers and she is passionate about realizing their true value in today’s society.

Mr. Hutson was influenced by many professors at Fairmont State, but he credits Glenn Harman with shaping his work ethic. 

“Harman was the hardest instructor I ever had, but he taught his students that if they really want something, they have to work for it. I appreciate him for that,” he said.

Hutson’s advice to students is to ask themselves each day, “What can I do to be better?” “If you do that,” he said, “you are going to be successful.”

After a recent visit to campus, the Hutsons decided it was time to give back to the university. They want this gift to provide support for local high school students…

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