Prior to hearing comments from the gathering, Mayor David Smith offered a review of the history of the city’s water system, which was installed more than 90 years ago. The entire 120,000 linear feet of piping that makes up the water system is comprised of four-inch cast iron pipes and two-inch galvanized steel pipes, all of which need to be replaced. A substantial amount of water is lost from leaks every year, Smith said. Repairs are difficult due to a lack of accurate mapping of the locations of the ancient water lines. With each repair made, the site is marked on a master map. But leaks continue to crop up, he said, and subsequently, a lot of money is lost as well.

Water system improvement goals were established in the city’s comprehensive plan, adopted in 2014, plus pressure from the state public service commission (PSC) to take care of the unaccounted for water losses, the mayor and council were prompted to establish a detailed two-part infrastructure project to upgrade the water system.

“We have an opportunity with these two projects to help the city reduce the unaccounted for water and to make sure that we’re providing folks with a more reliable water service,” Smith said. With a recommendation for a $2 million funding grant by Region 4…

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