D. Frank Masters received the 2018 West Virginia Conservation Farm of the Year award and was recognized by both the WV Senate and House.

Masters spoke about his operations and conservation practices at a Farm-to-Table Legislative Breakfast sponsored by the West Virginia Association of Conservation Districts and West Virginia Conservation Agency before being honored by Senate Resolution and a House Citation ceremony. Senator Stephen Baldwin and Delegate Jeff Campbell, both of Greenbrier County, made the respective introductions.

Masters was selected to compete in the contest by the Greenbrier Valley Conservation District, which represents Greenbrier, Monroe, and Pocahontas counties. He runs a small but impressive cow/calf operation. Even though he operates the farm by himself and has a full-time, off-farm job, he has voluntarily exceeded the minimum obligations of regulation and general agricultural practices to enhance and conserve natural resources. Agronomic BMPs implemented include prescribed (rotational) grazing, nutrient management, critical area planting, pasture division fencing, pond exclusion fencing, and pasture and hay planting (frost seeding). Lime and fertilizer have been applied according to results of soil testing to improve plant health and…

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