These students show excellence in their school work, have good attendance, high achievement, and are overall exceptional students!  Congratulations!



Ms. Paxton – Skylar Grose

Mrs. Christian – Charles Wheeler

Mrs. Marks – Jace Morgan



Ms. Dorsey – Wesley Smith

Mrs. Collins – Sophia Boggs


1st Grade:

Ms. Jarvis – Maci Burnside


2nd Grade:

Ms. Douglas – Miranda Morris

Mrs. Knopp – Alex Jennings


3rd Grade:

Mrs. Underwood – Lathan Brown

Ms. McKinney – Jacob Elkins


4th Grade:

Mr. Vaughan – Brayden Cadle

Mrs. Burns – Devin Boggs


5th Grade:

Mrs. Helmick – Evan Bass

Mrs. Chapman – Elijah Lough

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