By Betty Gandee

Batman himself came to Clay County earlier this week to speak to the kids. Photo from Facebook.

John Buckland, also known as Batman, visited Clay elementary, middle, and high school. He urged the students and teachers to turn the pain they were feeling into something powerful.

“Life is not always going to be easy and life is not always going to be fair,” Batman told the students.  He wanted to make the visit to empower them and tell them that Adrianna Morris, one of the students killed in the fire recently, would want him there relaying the message.

He made a trip to the middle school that day and spoke on a different level.  Telling the kids to never give up and always do the right thing.  One sixth grade student, Noah Collins said, “It relates to some of these kids because some of us don’t know what other people are going through. So we shouldn’t be breaking people down, we should be building them up.”

One of his last stops  for the day was the high school, where he spoke with twelfth grader Sharina Ratliff.  She said, ‘There have been numerous tragedies in our community over the recent years it seems and when he spoke today, he spoke about overcoming these…

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