Recent wet weather could possibly derail the timeline for the new Colonial Elementary School.
Photo by Aila Boyd

According to Whitten, F. Clayton Plecker & Sons Inc. was given 121 days to complete the grading on the site. Grading was commenced on November 7 of 2018. To date, the weather has only permitted the company to complete 13 days’ worth of work.

The entire build, start to finish, is estimated to take 16 months.

“This has been the worst season for weather,” Whitten said.

Whitten, who keeps a calendar documenting when grading is and isn’t occurring, said that there has only been one week since November 7 that it has not rained in a seven-day period.

As of F. Clayton Plecker & Sons’ last report to Whitten, only roughly 10 percent of the grading has been completed. In total, the piece of land that the school will eventually be built on has to be raised by 20 feet.

Photos by Aila Boyd

The main problem that continues to arise, Whitten said, is that it’s impossible to compress mud.

“If it has any moisture content at all to it, we can’t compress it,” Whitten said of the dirt that’s being…

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