If you picture ice-fishing as an exercise in being cold and miserable, you might be surprised at the party-like atmosphere that develops on the frozen surface of Watoga Lake on a beautiful winter’s day. K. Springer photo

The Wind Chill Factor
What It Really Means

There is a term often bandied about when the weather gets exceptionally cold, such as the single-digit temperatures we experienced in the final week of January. The Wind Chill Factor is a term that is frequently misunderstood and too often associated with sub-zero temperatures only. This Watoga Trail Report will start off with a short refresher course on the meaning of the Wind Chill factor.

Let’s start with an imaginary story that stars a couple of campers, Nancy and Dale. They decided that they liked camping so much in the summer months, they thought it might be fun to do a winter campout. They love camping and hiking at Watoga State Park but because the modern campgrounds are closed in the winter months, they opted for primitive camping over at the Laurel Run Campground.

Arriving in the late afternoon they immediately set about erecting their tent and getting organized. Nancy, being…

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