By Jaymie Mordue

Joseph Sobolewski and his wife Crystal Sobolewski are pictured with their two children, Faith Sobolewski, Joey Sobolewski.

Sobolewski has been on the transplant list at Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. for two years now and needs an 0 negative kidney.”The average wait is three to seven years, but because of my blood type, it could be more like seven to 10 years and I’m not sure that my body will make it that long,” Sobolewski said.

Nearly five years ago, Sobolewski went for a physical required by his employer and the physician knew immediately that something was wrong, Sobolewski said, “My blood pressure was extremely high, around 250/180.”

Other than a little blood in his urine and some mild pain, Sobolewski did not believe to have been experiencing any symptoms.

Prior to this physical, Sobolewski said he had not been diagnosed with any health conditions.

Some tests performed that day reflected that his kidneys were failing, he said.

He also learned that he had a genetic disorder, called Polycystic Kidney Disease.

According to Sobolewski, his physician said that although…

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