But as deputies Mike Dalton, Rockie Roberts and Eric Litz conducted a routine security check in the male maximum housing unit around 5:30 p.m. that day, they had a conversation with an inmate who told them that he needed to be placed into isolation because he was having suicidal thoughts, Smith said.

Holland said he has known the inmate since the inmate was a child. “You can kind of tell when something is off, when somebody is having a bad day,” he said.

Dalton also realized something was amiss, and had asked the inmate “are you doing alright this afternoon,” Holland said.

The inmate related to Dalton that “he was having a bad day and told him that he was thinking about doing something to (harm) himself,” Holland said, and recalled that he was in the control room at the jail when Dalton asked if he could step in the pod to speak with the inmate.

When Holland spoke to the man, “he broke down and started crying,” Holland said, adding that the inmate again said he was having thoughts of self harm.

As is customary in those situations, Holland said the inmate was placed on suicide watch.

Smith said the inmate later told Holland that he had planned…

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