Lesa Hanlin, executive director of Roanoke Regional Initiatives, informed chamber members how to bridge the generational divide in the workplace.
Photo by Aila Boyd

Lesa Hanlin, executive director of Roanoke Regional Initiatives, shared her insights about generations in the workplace.

Unlike in previous years, there are currently five generations that comprise the workforce, which posses a unique set of challenges due to the fact that each generation brings its own set of attitudes and quirks into the workplace.

Hanlin, who holds a doctorate in education administration and policy studies from George Washington University, stressed the importance of avoiding the use of stereotypes and bias when dealing with different generations in the workforce.

“We’re trying to figure out how you can motivate and engage people in the workplace,” Hanlin said before starting her presentation.

Before discussing the five generations that currently make up the workforce, Hanlin asked those present to answer generational portrait questions. She asked people to name the television show or movie from their youth that most closely…

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