A variety of perennial flower called Stachys “Humelo,” was chosen as the Perennial 2019 Plant of the Year for its pollinator-supporting qualities. Insects, animals, birds even soil are profoundly affected by the choices humans make when they plant and manage – what they kill and what they keep and to what they are indifferent – in the world’s landscapes. Those choices evolve, horticulturalist  Paul Westervelt talks about a recent evolution at the Hahn on Feb. 6

Join the Hahn Horticulture Garden hosts speaker Paul Westervelt at 6 p.m. today, February 6 for a talk titled “The New Perennial Movement and Why it Matters.”

Annual and Perennial Production Manager for Saunders Brothers, Inc. since 2004. Westervelt will discuss the perennial counter movement that embraces a more natural look and a different pallet of plants while creating beneficial habitat and food for pollinators.

“While much of the industry is focused on the latest and greatest compact, spring-blooming whatever, Westervelt said, “There’s a counter movement afoot.”

With degrees in horticulture from Virginia Tech, Paul grew up in Winchester, VA across from a multi-acre Oehme van Sweden garden, the Hahn Garden announcement said.

“Free time not spent gardening is spent visiting gardens and landscapes around the country and abroad. Paul lives and gardens with his…

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