By Pat Brown

Contributing Writer


When NRV residents travel to Salem for free antique appraisals this week, they got advice from their neighbor, Bob Miller.

The people seeking Miller’s advice were traveling with Montgomery County Parks and Recreation.  They met up with Miller at his place of post-retirement employment, Farmer Auctions on Midland Road in Salem.

Miller, a life-long educator and former principal of Auburn High School, worked part-time for 15 years with Farmer Auctions, when it was located in downtown Radford.  After Miller retired from education, he became a mainstay in the Farmer antique business, now headquartered in Salem.

“I grew up in a collecting family,” Miller said, noting that he still has half a dozen pieces that were handed down by his parents, grandparents and an aunt.  After his marriage to wife Susan, the couple collected antiques…

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