By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Drama and theatricals have been a growing area of interest in our schools over the past several years.

TCHS second place trophy, pic provided by Erin Marks

So much so, there are regional and state competitions for chapters to exhibit their talents which have recently been divided into north and south regions due to the number of entries.  “This was the first time the area has been split between north and south”, commented Director Erin Marks.  Tucker County High School was prepared to compete in the Area III South Regional Festival; however, inclement weather postponed their performance therefore competing with the northern district this past weekend.

There were six schools that competed in the festival, which included Fairmont Senior High School, Bridgeport High School, Robert C. Byrd High School, North Marion High School, Grafton High School, and our very own TCHS.  The performance displayed by these talented…

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