Rosie the Raccoon, shown here, sitting in the ornamental pear tree, spent most of Christmas Day methodically devouring the buds of the tree and entertaining her audience with her delightful antics. Photo by Marshall Shinaberry

Laura Dean Bennett
Staff Writer

Whether you consider a raccoon to be a nuisance or a charmer, you have to agree that they are one of nature’s most interesting creatures.  

Last June, the whole country watched as a raccoon was filmed climbing all the way to the 23rd floor of the USB Plaza, St. Paul, Minnesota’s 15th tallest building. The harrowing high rise adventure took most of a day and part of another.

Luckily for the little climber, Wildlife Management Services of Twin Cities baited traps with cat food and successfully trapped the two year old female on the roof of the skyscraper.

After consulting with the Wildlife Rehab center of Minnesota, the little celebrity was relocated to a large, private residential property in the suburbs where we assume, she’s living happily ever after.

Although it’s rare, there have been other high climbing raccoon stories.

In September 2018, a raccoon in Ocean City, New Jersey climbed…

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