Sandie Terry, president of Rural Broadband Consulting, LLC, was hired by the county to complete the report following last year’s broadband summit. Terry, who has 10 years’ worth of experience as a local government chief information officer, was on site at the Circuit Courthouse to walk theBroadband Commission through the report. According to the report, if the county follows through with the plans that were outlined, up to 80 percent of the areas in the county that currently do not have broadband access could soon be covered. The reason for the excitement surrounding Terry’s report is because unlike other reports, the one she developed for Botetourt County is both “comprehensive and interactive.”

“I really feel as if Sandie’s work has set a new bar and will be seen as the model for best practices in the future with expansion of broadband into areas like ours,” Gary Larrowe, county administrator, said in an email before the meeting. Larrowe explained that the buzz surrounding the report prior to its release was so intense that he even received a phone call from a man in California who wanted to express his excitement about it.

The first…

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