An artist’s rendering of the front of the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic center, showcasing the massive windows located above recreational pool area, which will provide ventilation and “an outdoor environment” for swimmers. Over 40 feet of open wall on either side of the recreation pool will help with air flow and aesthetics.

“To date, this is a very popular idea,” said Galyean, “I think it’s doable, and I think it’ll take the whole Greenbrier Valley community to do it.”

The Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center (GVAC) is a state-of-the-art swimming facility designed by Greenbrier East High School engineering students over the past several years, with assistance from Galyean and their teacher Kevin Warfield.

The center would have three state-of-the-art pools, a seven-foot-deep, 25-meter-long competition pool, a 30’x50’ recreation pool with ramp entry, and a 12’x20’ therapy spa pool. A “splash dish” for young children is also included in the plans. The 22,400-square foot facility would have fold-out bleachers in the competition pool room for visitors, a party room and senior room (both rentable for a fee) with access to the kitchen, a…

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