Event co-hosted by Preserve Montgomery County, Preserve Giles County, Preserve Monroe, Preserve Floyd, Preserve Salem and Protect Our Commonwealth

Supporters in front of the Dr. Martin Luther King Bridge.

Roanoke Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb, Councilman Bill Bestpitch and Clerk of the Court Brenda Hamilton joined the Interfaith Prayer Circle of Environmental Justice at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in downtown Roanoke on Sunday, January 6.

Freeda Cathcart opened the circle with an indigenous song to heal and open hearts. It was followed by Yzavia Haney, who has an indigenous ancestry, who offered a prayer from her heart.

Vice-Mayor Cobb wrote a prayer about healing Mother Earth.

Councilman Bestpitch prayed that Attorney General Mark Herring would read the letter he sent to him. The letter explains how the Mountain Valley Pipeline would add at least $36 million to Southwest Virginia’s budget due to storm drainage treatment.

Mara Robbins, from Preserve Floyd, read the prayer she wrote and prayed at the recent State Water Control Board meeting where they decided to have a hearing to revoke the Mountain Valley Pipeline permit.

Charlene Scott read the Peace…

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